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Folding wooden kiosks Expander line

Do you want to open a business but your problem is limited time and space?Legnonaturale.comis proud to present you the c linefoldable wooden kiosks EXPANDER. These models, with small dimensions, have the unique characteristics of opening and closing along the side walls, revolutionizing the assembly and transport of kiosks.
You will receive your kiosk in the closed position and you will be able to move it effortlessly to the intended installation point, thanks to the 4 swivel wheels, 2 of which are equipped with a stop device.
Installation is very easy: it does not require equipment or the presence of technicians. In 5 minutes, the structure extends and becomes self-stable thanks to the particular arrangement of the "lid" roof and the floor, which completes the fixing without any screws or bolts.
At the same time, dismantling the kiosk will be quick and easy and you can store it in very little space thanks to the lateral bulk of the body of 72 cm.


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