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Wooden kiosks: your business starts off big!

A souvenir shop, lo booth of a fair, annewsstand, A ice-cream shop, A country Festival or a exhibitionall require a prefabricated wooden structure suitable for different needs. Whether you are looking to open a business or that your purpose is purely exhibition, we must never forget that the attractiveness of your workstation plays a fundamental role in making customers choose to approach, intrigued and fascinated also by the aesthetics of your work environment.

Legnonaturale.com it meets this need to organize the space, through a vast offer of wooden kiosks that allow in a way fast and economic, to provide a solution for outdoor environments. And always with a view to favoring our customers, we offer various options of sale and rental of our prefabricated structures at truly competitive prices. All this and much more in our catalog that you can view or by contacting us using the appropriate form that can be filled out online.

Below we show you our wooden kiosks from our catalog divided into four categories: Professional, Standard, Blockhaus and Special, for more information on technical characteristics and prices click on the product image.


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