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This gutter is highly recommended for finishing roofs, draining and collecting rainwater as well as essential for the elimination of small falling materials.

The kit is to be considered valid for a structurewith a maximum depth of 4 meters.

Material: PVC-U (not paste-coated)

Surface development:25

Gutter channel:4 bars of 200 cm
Simple joint:pcs. 2
Coupling with drain:pcs. 2
Header for gutter channel:pcs. 2
Header for joint:pcs. 2
Stork:pcs. 10
Gasket:pcs. 12
Rain pipe:6 bars
45 ° curve:pcs. 4
Curve 87 °:pcs. 2
Rain stop kit:pcs. 2

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    Rainwater recovery unitThe rainwater recuperatorturns rain into a great savings opportunity. It is supplied complete with hose connector valve ∅ mm. 20.

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    In the wide range of its products forwooden houses Legnonaturale.com presents thePVC eaves template CUPRAELITE, thanks to the diversion of superfluous water, it gives longer life to the roofs of the houses and frees the attic from annoying organic residues.

    The gutter is configured within our products for sale in two elegant versions:auburnfor those who need to maintain an effect similar to copper products in the building elevation (obtained thanks to FIRST PLAST technology) and withsteel effectfor lovers of the most modern and minimalist designs.

    CUPRAELITE © a high quality product that will leave customers particularly satisfied both for its resistance to atmospheric agents and for the interesting value for money.

    The site mentions and refers to products or brands related to the services provided by our company. These trademarks belong to their respective owners and, in particular Coverlife, FirstPlast, CUPRAELITE, etc. are trademarks or registered trademarks of First Plast srl in Italy and / or in other countries.

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    Steel, Copper


    Shipping costs are equal to€ 36.30 including VAT.


    The assembly can be carried out directly by the customer. Discharge the installation manual

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    The product is delivered complete with hardware required for assembly.


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