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Tiny Home System renewable energy natural energy

Complete your kiosk with theAutonomous photovoltaic kit without bureaucracy

of Legnonaturale.com in collaboration with GROEN AKKEDIS ” E-MIXING SYSTEM “

Tiny Home System comes with all the components to makea renewable plant: photovoltaic panels, with related systemshook and connection cables, and the inverter.
The customer can choose the most suitable system for him on the basis ofown space requirements, type of installation and consumptionelectric.

SOLUTIONS : It is possible to select one of the 4 possible solutions:

KIT 500 , KIT 1000 , KIT 1500 , KIT 2000


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    Tiny Home System is the solutioninnovation that allows utiuse renewable energy in theself-consumption mode methrough the developed technologyby the innovative startup Groen Akkedis “e-mixing System”.

    TINY HOME SYSTEM isa Groen Akkedis product

    The developed technologyallows anyone to equip themselvesof a renewable plantwithout the need to stipulate withyou deal with the companies I supplyno electricity, sincethere is no energy input into the electricity grid



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    Shipping costs amount to€24.00 including VAT.


    The assembly can be carried out directly by the customer.

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    The kit is delivered with the necessary assembly instructions.


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