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Etna | thickness 60mm

With Etnayour horse has never been so safe.

Available in different versions(6-seater, 10-seater, 12-seater, 14-seater).

Wood: Nordic fir
Walls: 60 mm blinds
Roof:joists (80 x 140 mm)
Walnut painting:anti-mold – anti-parasitic

External / Internal:300 x 300 / 240 x 240
Height at peak:400
Swing door:117 x 230
Sliding door:117 x 230
Aisle door:250 x 250
Lane width:300
Ventilation window:230 x 49

Bituminous sheath:not foreseen
Pallet dimensions:information not available

  • 6 seats………………..€32,760.00 VAT included.
  • 10 seats………………€49,035.00 VAT included.
  • 12 seats………………€62,669.00 VAT included.
  • 14 places………………€88,560.00 VAT included.


The indicated price does not include shipping costs. Given the nature of the goods, it is not possible for us to calculate the transport rate in advance. Contact us to request a precise quote and evaluate the best compromise between time and costs.
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    ThereEtna model horse stableis currently the top of our offer selected for you: both the project and the construction are "Made in Italy" according to the most rigid construction criteria, it features robust60 mm walls (on request 80 mm or 100 mm), and an insulated, waterproofed roof, complete with red or ecological fiber cement roofing of your choice.

    Inside thestablethere are 2 rows of boxes, in the middle of which there is the internal lane 3 meters wide, totally sheltered from the weather. The minimum height of the stable is 2.60 meters at the lowest point and 4.00 meters at the height.

    It is possible to combine the box body with other structures such as porches, barns, tack rooms.The internal stalls of the Etna model horse stable are available in different sizes: 3 x 3 m, 3.3 x 3.3 mis3.6 x 3.6 m.

    As for thePeloro model horse box, this structure also rests on reinforced concrete curbs 8 cm thick by 20 cm compared to the audience; the protrusion of the platform with respect to the curbs will be 100 cm per side in order to have a perimeter sidewalk.

    In case of seismic zonethe dock beamsof the roof are anchored to the base with steel tie rods with turnbuckles, near each wall intersection; furthermore the roof joists are connected to the dock beams using special metal brackets.

    Upon request, and with a separate quote, the calculation report signed by a qualified technician will be provided. The structural type is classified as class 1 with a useful life of 50 years.

    As regards painting, the entire structure will be treated in the factory with a coat of special exterior paint, anti-mold and anti-parasitic impregnating agent, light walnut colour. At the rear are the type windowsWasistasThe roof has 2 pitches.

    The Etna stableis available in the following versions:

    • 6 seats………………..€32,760.00 VAT included.
    • 10 seats………………€49,035.00 VAT included.
    • 12 seats………………€62,669.00 VAT included.
    • 14 places………………€88,560.00 VAT included.

    Additional Information


    60 mm


    6 seater, 10 seater, 12 seater, 14 seater

    Assembly and Delivery Kit

    The assembly costsare linked to different variables, the same will be agreed with the clients from time to time. For more information on thisrequest a quote.

    Terms of payment

    To confirm your order it is necessary to fill in the formorder proposalthat you received via email, and make a deposit of 60% viabank transfer.Once the bank transfer has been made, it is necessary to send a copy of the payment via email and indicate the reference numberCRO number.

    Or you can make the deposit payment directly on the site viaPaypal or Bank transfer. Once the bank transfer has been made, it is necessary to send a copy of the payment via fax or email and indicate the reference number as a reference.CRO number. To find out transport prices we suggest you contact us by phone or via WhatsApp.

    The balance must be paid upon unloading the goods viaNon-transferable bank draft. The customer has the right to make the payment in a single payment.

    For the Covers and Impregnating agentsadvance payment in a single payment is mandatory.

    Transport conditions

    Deliveries are made throughout Italy with trucks or trucks depending on the size of the pallets which varies according to the chosen model.
    The customer will be contacted directly by the courier with whom the delivery date will be agreed.
    The delivery address provided must allow the transit, access and parking of a large vehicle.
    Delivery is by truck, unloading can be done by hand or mechanically.
    You can request delivery with unloading by crane, in this case an additional price will be calculated which will be quoted upon explicit request of the customer.
    The goods are insured "all risks". We remind you to check the goods carefully upon arrival. In the event that the goods appear with damaged packaging and obvious damage, and you are unable to carry out the inspection immediately, please add the following wording to the transport document:“accepted subject to verification”. You have five days from receipt to report any damage due to transport and to refund the same, producingphotographic material. Each of our customers has the right to send their own courier or transporter to collect the goods at the logistics indicated by us. The cost of transport varies depending on the weight/size ratio of the goods and the place of destination.
    In the event that delivery of the goods is impossible due to inaccurate or untruthful information on the location of transport provided by the customer, payment for the aforementioned transport is still due.
    Cash on delivery shipments involve an additional cost of €30.00 due to risk of collection by the courier.

    Useful Info

    Information on making a wooden horse box

    Below we have collected for purely indicative purposes, some information most commonly requested by our customers: naturally they are generic and may not be exhaustive in your case, as both the legislative and regulatory part, and the construction and technical part, depend strongly by the project and the place where it will be developed. Your trusted designer will need to assist you in following the national and local regulations of the place where you intend to install your new wooden horse box. Naturally we are at your disposal to evaluate your project and therefore your specific needs: contact us indicating all the details, and we will reply as soon as possible.

    Buy a single horse box

    Since the model we present is modular, we are often asked if it is possible to purchase a single box: yes,Single horse box model is available.

    Install a horse box battery

    If you have a riding stable or need to install 4 or more horse boxes, consider purchasing our double model:The horse box module will be paired with other identical ones up to the desired number, obviously respecting the space available and with an eye to functionality.

    Is a concrete floor necessary?

    The floor of the horse box, the so-called stalls, is a structural choice as well as a hygienic-practical one. It is not mandatory but simply suggested, without prejudice to current regulations.


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