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Venetian 36 m2 | thickness 40mm *

The garagefrom two places.

Wood: Nordic fir
Walls: 40 mm planks
Floor and roof: not included / 19 mm panels
Surface: 36 sq m
Roof area: 50 m2

External / Internal: 600x600 / 580x580
Min / max height: 200 / 280
Wooden door (x 2):244x196
Side door:90x183
Windows (x 2):138x96
Roof overhang: 30

Bituminous membrane: optional
impregnation: optional
Pallet dimensions:655 x 120 x 67 cm Weight 1,700 kg – 190 x 120 x 37 cm Weight 300 kg


The indicated price does not include shipping costs. Given the nature of the goods, it is not possible for us to calculate the transport rate in advance. Contact us to request a precise quote and evaluate the best compromise between time and costs.
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    This model ofgarageit has a capacity of 2 cars and in this case we find a double central door for the entry of vehicles with a central opening with 2 leaves.

    It is also equipped with a pleasant English-style window on the same side as the side door for access and an additional window on the opposite side: both with double thermal glazing.

    The wooden garagecomes without flooring. We recommend finishing the roof with shingles or other roofing to ensure adequate waterproofing.

    Additional Information


    40 mm


    36 sq.m.

    Assembly and Delivery Kit

    The assembly costsare linked to different variables, the same ones will be agreed with the clients from time to time. For more information about itREQUESTS.

    Terms of payment

    To confirm your order it is necessary to fill in the form oforder proposalyou received by email, and make a deposit equal to 60% throughBank transfer.Once the transfer has been made, a copy of the payment must be sent via email and theCRO number.

    Or you can pay the deposit directly on the site viaPaypal or Bank transfer. Once the transfer has been made, a copy of the payment must be sent by fax or email and indicate theCRO number. To find out the transport prices, we suggest you contact us by phone or via WhatsApp.

    The balance must be paid upon unloading the goods viaNon-transferable bank draft. The customer is entitled to make the payment in a single solution.

    For the Covers and Impregnatingadvance payment in a single solution is mandatory.

    Transport conditions

    Deliveries are made throughout Italy with trucks or trucks depending on the size of the pallets which varies according to the chosen model.
    The customer will be contacted directly by the courier with whom the delivery date will be agreed.
    The delivery address provided must allow the transit, access and parking of a large vehicle.
    Delivery is intended flush with the truck, unloading can be done by hand or mechanically.
    You can request delivery with crane unloading, in this case a price supplement will be calculated which will be estimated at the explicit request of the customer.
    The goods travel insured "all risks". We remind you to check the goods carefully on arrival. In the event that the goods are presented with packaging that is not intact and evident damage, and fails to carry out the check immediately, affix the following wording on the transport document"Accepted subject to verification". You have five days from receipt to report any damage due to transport and to refund them, producingphotographic material. Each of our customers has the right to send their own courier or transporter to collect the goods at the logistics indicated by us. The cost of transport varies according to the weight / size ratio of the goods and the place of destination.
    In the event that the delivery of the goods is impossible due to inaccurate or untrue information on the place of transport provided by the customer, the payment of the aforementioned transport is still due.
    Cash on delivery shipments have an additional cost of € 30.00 due to the risk of collection by the courier.

    Useful Info

    Information for building a wooden house

    Below we have collected for indicative purposes only, some information most commonly requested by our customers: of course they are generic and may not be exhaustive in your case, as both the legislative and regulatory part, both the constructive and technical part, depend strongly from the project and from the place where it will be developed. Your trusted designer will have to assist you in following the national and local regulations of the place where you intend to erect your new wooden house. Of course we are at your disposal to evaluate your project and therefore your specific needs:contact us indicando tutti i dettagli, e vi risponderemo nel più breve tempo possibile.

    Le autorizzazioni necessarie per erigere una costruzione in legno

    La prima e più comune domanda che tutti si chiedono quando pensano di costruire una casa in legno per uso abitativo, è se questa necessita di autorizzazioni particolari: sì, per costruire una casa in legno serve un’autorizzazione comunale, come per una casa di calcestruzzo e mattoni. Tutto ciò è assolutamente normale se pensiamo che le case in legno non sono costruzioni di “serie B”, ma che rientrano a pieno titolo nel novero delle costruzioni a scopo abitativo, per di più nel massimo rispetto dell’ambiente, e con un’efficienza energetica di tipo superiore.

    La documentazione da produrre per costruire la casa in legno

    Come per le altre costruzioni ad uso abitativo a norma di legge, è necessario far produrre da un geologo, la relazione geologica riguardante i parametri fisico-chimici del terreno. Sarà con questa che, il vostro ingegnere o architetto di fiducia, produrrà la relazione geotecnica tramite modelli analitici. Sarete infine pronti per l’importante fase del collaudo statico e deposito del progetto al genio civile che fa riferimento al comune di pertinenza.

    Costruire una casa in legno su un terreno agricolo

    Per quanto riguarda i terreni con destinazione agricola,esiste un parametro nazionale per realizzare un edificio di civile abitazione pari a 0,03 m3 su m2. Dunque per calcolare il nostro volume edificabile faremo:

    Land surface x 0.03 = m3that we can achieve; the result divided by the height of the house being built will give the total achievable surface.

    Build a wooden "storage" house on agricultural land

    Remaining in the field of agricultural land, for those who erect a wooden building intended for storage, there is aachievable covered area parameter, equal to1/10 of the ground surface , without prejudice to the relevant municipal regulation.

    Wooden houses and wooden elevations in seismic areas

    In addition to the standard regulations governing the construction of wooden houses, having to build a wooden house or a wooden elevation, it will be necessary toseismic verification of the building complexwithout prejudice to the relevant municipal regulation.

    The wooden houses and the installation of the Enel meter

    Unless you are building a house that is totally self-sufficient from an energy point of view, it will be necessary to connect to Enel:to install the meter you need the project, or the building permit, as you can check on Enel website.

    Financing to build a wooden house or other wooden works

    It is also possible to obtain financing from the main financial institutions for the purchase of wooden houses as well as other wooden structures such as kiosks, bars, gazebos, wooden houses for newsstands.
    For more information on this, take a look at our page onfunding.

    Building a wooden house near state-owned areas

    For land located within 30 meters of a state-owned area border, in addition to the documentation already seen,an authorization will be required to be requested from the harbor master's office of the locality.

    The laying works necessary to build a wooden house

    Every construction, be it a wooden, concrete or stone house, generates loads, which are transmitted to the ground through the foundations: therefore your wooden house will also need to rest on a secure base. To obtain it, it is necessary to develop the installation works, which derive from the project and the technical choices of the designer as well as from the preferences of the owner. Legnonaturale.com leaves you the choice to opt for the works you consider most suitable.

    Non-building land and building amnesties

    It is important to know that if the land is not buildable, the construction will be illegal, so if a building amnesty was issued, the building should eventually be condoned.

    Realization of verandas and roofs: building permits

    Referring to Sicily, where Legnonaturale.com mainly operates,to create a roof or a veranda you need a building permit that can be requested from the municipality,which can authorize a fraction of the achievable surface with respect to the total surface of the building.

    Are the houses divided inside?

    Not all houses in the standard model are divided inside, however those without, on requestthey can be integrated with solid wood partition walls or "Sandwich" panels according to the owner's need.


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