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Cucaracha 6 Sqm | 7.5 Sqm | 9 Sqm | thickness 19mm *

Il piccolo chiosco blockhaus disponibile in tre versioni differenti (3 x 2 m, 3 x 2,50 m,  e 3 x 3 m).

Wood: abete essiccato
Walls: listoni da 19 mm
Floor and roof:pannelli da 19 mm
Surface:6,00 Mq.
Roof surface:9,40 Mq.

External / Internal:300 x 200 / 286 x 186
Min/max height:192 / 210
Solid door: 92 x 185
Flaps (x 1): 40
Roof overhang: 30

Bituminous membrane: optional
impregnation: optional
Pallet dimensions: information not available


The indicated price does not include shipping costs. Given the nature of the goods, it is not possible for us to calculate the transport rate in advance. Contact us to request a precise quote and evaluate the best compromise between time and costs.
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    The Wooden kiosk template Cucarachait has a regular and classic shape that will appeal to lovers of essential lines. The flat roof, the 19 mm fir panels and the flap make it the ideal solution for small businesses, but also for those who prefer to give priority to the interior space that can be enhanced and further enriched by choosing from our proposed optionals.

    The prefabricated modelCucarachais further stabilized thanks to theBlockhaus systemalready used in all our outdoor structures and garden houses in the catalog.

    The Cucaracha kioskit is also available in the following versions:

    • 300 x 200 cm
    • 300 x 250 cm
    • 300 x 300 cm















    Additional Information


    3 x 2 m, 3 x 2.5 m, 3 x 3 m


    19 mm


    6 sqm, 7.50 sqm, 9 sqm

    Assembly and Delivery Kit

    Assembly for kiosks is not foreseen, should I deem it necessary contact us.

    The product is delivered with instruction kit, hardware and window frames, where provided, supplied. The products are made in standard sizes and cannot be modified.

    Terms of payment

    To confirm your order, you must fill in the form order proposal that you have received via email, and make a deposit of 60% deposit through Bank transfer. Once the transfer has been made, it is necessary to send the copy of the payment via email and indicate the reference as CRO number.

    Or you can pay the deposit directly on the site through Paypal or Bank transfer. Once the transfer has been made, it is necessary to send a copy of the payment by fax or email and indicate the reference as CRO number. To know the prices of the transport we suggest you contact us by phone or via WhatsApp.

    The balance must be paid upon unloading the goods via Non-transferable bank draft. The customer has the right to make the payment in a single solution.

    For the Covers and Impregnating advance payment in a single payment is mandatory.

    Transport conditions

    Deliveries are made throughout Italy with trucks or lorries depending on the size of the pallets which varies according to the model chosen.
    The customer will be contacted directly by the courier with whom the delivery date will be agreed.
    The delivery address provided must allow the transit, access and parking of a large vehicle.
    Delivery is understood to be flush with the truck, unloading can be done by hand or by mechanical means.
    You can request delivery with crane unloading, in this case a price surcharge will be calculated which will be quoted on the explicit request of the customer.
    The goods travel insured "all risks". We remind you to check the goods well on arrival. In the event that the goods are presented with an intact packaging and evident damage, and cannot immediately check, put the following wording on the transport document "Accepted subject to verification". You have five days from receipt to report any damage due to transportation and to refund the same, producing photographic material. It is the right of each of our customers to send their own courier or carrier to collect the goods from the logistics indicated by us. The cost of transport varies according to the weight / size ratio of the goods and the place of destination.
    In the event that the delivery of the goods is impossible due to incorrect or untruthful information on the place of transport provided by the customer, the payment of the said transport is still due.
    Cash on delivery shipments have an additional cost of € 30.00 due to the risk of collection by the courier.

    Useful Info

    Information for building a wooden kiosk

    In the section below we have collected some information most commonly requested by our customers: of course it is generic and may not be exhaustive in your case, as both the regulatory and regulatory part, and the construction and technical part, depend heavily on the project and from the place where it will be developed. Your trusted designer will have to assist you to follow the national and local regulations of the place where you intend to build your wooden building. Of course, we remain at your disposal to meet your specific needs: contact us indicating all the details, and we will reply as soon as possible.

    The permits necessary to erect a wooden construction

    The first and most common question that everyone wonders when they think of building a wooden kiosk for commercial or private use, is whether it needs special authorizations: yes, a municipal authorization is needed to build a wooden kiosk.

    The documentation to be produced to build the wooden kiosk

    For the construction of the kiosk it is necessary to present the DIA (Report of Start of Business) to the Single Building Survey of the relevant municipality, drawn up by a qualified technician registered in the Register of your Professional Order (Engineer, Architect, Surveyor, etc ... ), accompanied by a certificate concerning the legitimation title, a technical report and project documents required by the Municipal Building Regulations (RUE).

    It is obviously necessary, in the event that commercial activities are carried out in the kiosks, the authorization to trade on the public area and the related stand concession or the authorization for the administration to the public of food and drinks, depending on the type of activity that you intend to exercise.

    The application is also accompanied by a declaration by the qualified designer who certifies, pursuant to art. 481 of the CP, compliance with safety and hygienic-sanitary rules, as well as the conformity of the works to be carried out with the urban planning tools adopted and approved, with the RUE and with the prior evaluation where acquired.

    Build a kiosk bar on agricultural land

    As regards land for agricultural use, it is not possible to build a kiosk for commercial purposes. In order to build this type of structure it is necessary to request a change of the intended use.

    The wooden kiosk and the installation of the Enel meter

    It will also be necessary to connect to Enel: to install the meter you need the project, or the building permit, as you can check on Enel website.

    Funding to build a wooden kiosk

    Also for the purchase of wooden houses as well as other wooden structures such as kiosks bars, gazebos, wooden houses for newsstands, it is possible to obtain financing from the main financial institutions.

    Build a wooden kiosk near state-owned areas

    For land located within 30 meters from a state-owned area border, in addition to the documentation already seen, an authorization will be required to be requested from the harbor master's office of the locality.

    The installation works necessary to build a wooden house

    Every construction, be it a wooden, concrete or stone kiosk, generates loads, which are transmitted to the ground through the foundations: therefore, your wooden kiosk will also need to rest on a secure base. To obtain it, it is necessary to develop the laying works, which derive from the project and the technical choices of the designer as well as from the preferences of the owner. Legnonaturale.com leaves the choice to you to opt for the works you deem most suitable.

    Non-building land and building amnesties

    It is important to know that if the land is not buildable, the construction will be illegal, so if a building amnesty measure were issued, the construction would eventually have to be condoned.

    Are the kiosks equipped with facilities?

    All our wooden kiosks are not equipped with systems.


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