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Mineral Design self-adhesive EP SELFLAPS POLYESTER | 10 Sqm

The self-adhesive cover for your roof.

THEThe price is per roll.


Armor: non-woven polyester fabric
Mass per area: 4.5 Kg./m²
Impermeability: 60kPa
Cold flexibility: -15 ° C
Thermal conductivity: 0.2 W / mK
Thermal capacity: 5.40 KJ / K

Roll size: 100 x 1000

3D tiles
3D oval Canadian tile
Red Rectangular Canadian Tile
Green Rectangular Canadian Tile
Red Canadian Oval Tile
Green Oval Canadian Tile
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    MINERAL DESIGN SELF-ADHESIVE EP SELFLAPS POLYESTER it's a bituminous membrane which is installed by self-adhesion.

    It has the lower face coated with a special self-adhesive elastomeric compound by simple pressure at room temperature, which is made up of a particular mixture of selected Venezuelan bitumen, tackifying resins and thermoplastic elastomeric radial and linear polymers with long-lasting adhesive properties.

    Its main feature is that it can be welded without using a flame.

    It is intended only for installation on wooden planks and on surfaces of limited proportions, less than 200 m². The elegance of its design is guaranteed by the 3D effect and the finishes that can be curved tiles, rectangular Canadian tiles or oval Canadian tiles.

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    Additional Information

    Mineral Design decoration

    3D Coppi, 3D oval Canadian Tile, Red Rectangular Canadian Tile, Green Rectangular Canadian Tile, Red Oval Canadian Tile, Green Oval Canadian Tile


    10 sqm


    Shipping costs are 15% of the purchase value.


    The assembly can be carried out directly by the customer.Discharge the installation manual

    Delivery Kit

    The product is delivered without the hardware for fixing.


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