PVC roofing and bituminous membranes ideal for roofs of garden houses, bungalows, gazebos and garages.

The lPVC roofing rods that we present in this sector are the result of advanced technologies deriving from international patents. The innovative production processes accompanied by high technical specialization exceed the most stringent certification standards, giving the highest levels of impermeability to rain, snow and hail. The stratification of the roof slab structure combines a high degree of mechanical resistance to impacts with excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.

The size of the slab combined with the simplicity of positioning gives unparalleled savings, and due to their shape we can very well assert that they let the roofs breathe, providing ventilation that creates a natural thermal barrier.

The product range allows you to choose the design that best suits your needs.

In addition to PVC covers, in our catalog you will find the Bituminous Membranes, which are characterized by ease of assembly and so in a short time you can elegantly complete the roof of your wooden structure. Our products are all UNI ENI ISO certified


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